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Aug 3, 2021

Meet Michael Dowling, the President and CEO of Northwell Health, the biggest healthcare provider in the State of New York. Their hospitals, like many around the country, battled against COVID-19, and are now responding to the variants spreading rapidly across the country.
Michael has fascinating leadership observations from COVID-19 that translate well to every challenge. In the conversation, he shares his own personal story of resilience, differentiates having a title from being a leader, and explains why rule-breaking is critical to innovation. Michael also tells us why hurling, an (often violent) Gaelic Irish sport, has affected his own leadership.
Seldom do Stan and Chris speak to a leader with a challenge like the one Michael Dowling faced leading the massive healthcare system during the pandemic. The conversation provides wisdom, offers humor, and a refreshing honesty and perspective that gives us much to think about as the pandemic continues.