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Sep 28, 2021

This week, Stan and Chris speak to chess grandmaster, Garry Kasparov, about risk: in the game of chess, and more broadly, in society. Garry is well-known as a World Chess Champion who famously dueled against IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue. In recent years, Garry has been translating and expanding his focus to the Renew Democracy Initiative, which aims to promote and protect democracy worldwide.


Garry first came onto No Turning Back this past January, and Stan and Chris were intrigued by all Garry had to say about risk. This week, they take a fascinating deeper dive into how Garry thinks about risk and opportunity against an opponent, and the risks that Garry faced when he decided to play chess against a machine. Garry speaks to broader topics on how society now has a new relationship to risk post-COVID-19, and also speaks to disinformation – the risks it presents to our society on a national and global scale.


Risk: A User’s Guide, will publish one week from today. You can learn more about Risk: A User's Guide, here: