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Jul 27, 2021

Meet Brad Smith, former CEO of Intuit and its current Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors. Stan and Chris are fascinated by how Brad transformed Intuit, diving into leadership lessons learned while Brad was at the helm for 11 years. A West Virginia native, Brad Smith has most recently founded the Wing 2 Wing Foundation, aiming to provide education and entrepreneurial support to Americans in underserved communities. He applies the same customer-driven innovation principles that made him and the team successful at Intuit to these communities: starting with a hypothesis of how to improve conditions, then gathers a group of people, to create sustainable change.
In this discussion, Brad distinguishes passion for principles, explains why vulnerabilities are strengths, and discusses what he learned from President Kennedy's leadership in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Brad is a transformational leader at heart, focusing his efforts on how he can improve the world around him.