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Nov 30, 2021

How should we think about the future of technology in the military? How will warfighters leverage technology, artificial intelligence, and new innovations to best react to the conflicts that await us?

These are the sorts of questions on Major General Heather Pringle's mind, as the Commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory. Major General Pringle serves as the Technology Executive Officer, whose work and research supports the Air Force and Space Force.


In this episode, we hear about Major General Pringle's team of 6,000 folks who aim to create an exhaustive portfolio of technology that predicts new fighting environments and challenges for the military. Major General Pringle speaks about the symbiosis between technology and humans, how the basic "to-do" lists for warfighters today are similar to how they've always been (though the technology applied will be different), and the role that ethics plays in her lab. Major General Pringle discusses how her team is pushing to the exciting edge of technology - and we think you'll really enjoy what she has to say.